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Research Complex at Harwell welcomes Etcembly

Research Complex at Harwell is delighted to welcome Etcembly. The company is continuing to expand to realise its goal to assemble the world’s largest immune database.

Etcembly will be using the biophysical instruments available at the Research Complex, as well as microbiology and cell culture facilities.

Head of Scientific Support at Research Complex Harwell, Zuzanna Lalanne, says,

“We are very pleased that the Etcembly company is now present in the Research Complex laboratory. Already during their first day at the RCaH, we saw opportunities for collaborations and interactions with many of the Research Complex groups. This is the nature of the RCaH – people from various groups and disciplines talking to and inspiring each other!”

Dr Michelle Teng, CEO of Etcembly continues

"The facilities at Harwell Research Complex laboratory made it an obvious choice for one of our locations; coupled with the collaboration opportunities there. We’re looking forward to expanding our ground-breaking work and becoming a member of this thriving eco-system."
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