Our Vision and Philosophy

Immune repertoires are dynamic entities that are shaped by health and disease. Etcembly is the synthesis of bridging machine learning and traditional drug discovery. Our mission is to build an immune pattern recognition system EMLy (Etcembly Machine Learning).

We are a leading partner in decoding immune repertoires for clinical monitoring. The insights from this programme will deliver new diagnostics and represents a novel paradigm in lean drug development.


Our Technology

To understand the immune repertoire or to design a biologic, it is critical to understand where your sample or candidates sit in the global space. EMLy presents a solution by combining sequence and structural data via Neural Networks to make inferences about specificity.

We are particularly focused on TCR diversity and the relationships between TCR sequences and target antigens. The technology is applicable to a range of biologics and indications.  




Magdalen Building, Robert Robinson Avenue, Oxford, England, OX4 4GA

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